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Spud is from Lehman, Pennsylvania. With roots in many different music genres including Folk, Rock and Roll, Jazz, Blues, Psychedelic and Funk, their original music encompasses a tasteful hybrid of various genres. All four members of the band take part in songwriting which keeps material fresh and abundant. At live shows they enjoy challenging themselves by throwing free form, experimental jams into their sets for a fun and unique experience.

Matt Coolbaugh at State Fare

Matt Coolbough

// Vocals/Guitar


Matt is a founding member of Spud. He is the lead vocalist of the group and a chief songwriter. He began to learn guitar at age 12 under teacher Wayne Sorbelli. After many years of on and off playing, his passion for music took off in 2017 when he and Steve started regularly jamming. From then on his basement has been the laboratory for all of Spud's creations. 

Sam Ciravolo at State Fare

Sam Ciravolo

// Lead Guitar/Vocals

Sam is the youngest member of the group. At 8 years old he began to study music through guitar teacher Stingray Delpriore. At Luzerne County Community College he studied music recording and technology. Other than being one of Spud's leading songwriters, he is the certified noise maker of the group. His pension for experimentation adds the flesh over the bands backbone.

Steve Cornia at Shadyrill

Steve Cornia

// Bass/Vocals

Steve too, is a founding member of Spud. He began to play music in high school on acoustic guitar, but picked up bass playing with "Dirty Water" alongside other local talents Justin Mazer and Mike Dougherty. In Spud, Steve plays bass, sings, and has a major role in the bands songwriting. 

Mike Allen at Shadyrill

Mike Allen

// Drums/Vocals


Mike is a multi instrumentalist and singer originally schooled in jazz on drums. He has played with bands such as The Hydrogen Jukebox, Zamani, PBJ, and Fuzz Unit. However, he finally landed on his home planet with Spud.  His fusion of avant-garde jazz and rock drumming melds perfectly with the bands spacey grooves.

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